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Avigilon HD surveillance systems
seeing is believing.
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Smart, intuitive and friendly - an advanced system that’s easy to use.

Surveillance image detail no other system can match

AlertSystems are one of the UK’s leading independent providers of electronic security solutions and we are an accredited Avigilon Enterprise Certified Solutions Partner. Avigilon designs and manufactures industry leading high definition surveillance solutions that are unrivalled.

If you are looking for a new video surveillance system or simply looking to make the most of your existing systems, you need to see what an Avigilon solution can do for you! AlertSystems can design and install, scalable surveillance solution’s using Avigilon components. These have been developed not only to work together but also with legacy systems. Avigilon megapixel cameras and their ‘lossless compression’ video management software deliver CCTV images that really have to be seen to be believed.

Avigilon is how CCTV was always meant to be!

Network Cameras

HD CCTV is one of the best ways to protect your business against criminal activity and gather evidence that could help locate and bring someone to justice. With crystal clear footage, you’ll be able to zoom in and identify essential information such as individual faces and activity. As an accredited Avigilon Enterprise Certified Solutions Partner, AlertSystems has a wide range of IP CCTV systems that provide unbeatable protection and surveillance of your premises – allowing users the ability to scan footage easily and identify an unusual activity. Access to HD CCTV footage needn’t be difficult either, with a series of network cameras that are able to send and receive data via a computer network or the internet. Security supervisors will be even be able to view footage via Apple or Android devices with wireless internet access.


HD surveillance provides unbeatable protection against your business and provides you with the tools to identify any activity that could damage your enterprise. From employee fraud to shoplifters to break-ins, you’ll be able to access essential HD CCTV footage and evidence to allow you to bring thieves and criminals to justice. From retail stores to bars and clubs, HD CCTV is an important tool in eliminating crime and aiding the capture of anyone trying to harm your business. It also provides essential evidence to pass over to the police and appeal for information. The clearer the picture you can provide the greater chance you have of the criminal being caught.

HD Surveillance

By investing in Avigilon HD Surveillance, you could benefit from the range of benefits an Avigilon Control Centre offers such as full situation awareness and indisputable image detail. The control centre offers a range of features to operate and use network cameras, allowing users to remotely connect to multiple recorders to view live and recorded surveillance footage over the local area network, over a low bandwidth wide area network connection. This means that should an incident occur on your premises you’ll be able to implement faster response times and reduced investigation times – providing you with much more effective protection.

IP CCTV Systems

One of the benefits of IP CCTV Systems is access to a series of network cameras from remote devices as well as the ability to record straight onto digital format. Users can benefit from redundant recording to multiple Network Video Recorders allowing a full live mirror of all high-definition video. Automatic fail-over NVRs ensure uninterrupted recording if an NVR becomes unavailable – meaning you’ll never miss a thing.

HP IP Cameras

By deciding to invest in HD CCTV and HP IP Cameras, you are ensuring you offer the upmost protection to your business, should it be the victim of criminal or untrustworthy activity. CCTV also works as an effective deterrent against criminal activity, as criminals will be aware they are being monitored and watched. Your business deserves the best, which is why Avigilon network cameras should be your number one choice.